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by Jeff Shelley

Well, here we are. After 15-and-a-half years and over 16,000 articles, I'm leaving Cybergolf. Here's my final story, which looks back on my experiences as a golf writ

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Reno-Tahoe Always Delivers

by Jim Moore

One wife ago, I spent a week in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area every summer. I was in my 20s then, and since I loved to gamb

Springfield Offers More than Roundball Hall of Fame

by Joel Zuckerman

My Princeton-educated niece was for many years the pastry chef at Manhattan's most highly acclaimed French restaur

How Time Flies - A Decade of Reflections on Women's Golf

by Nancy Berkley

Cybergolf is a leader in building websites for golf facilities - see But it also has been

Bay Bridge Golf Brigade

by David Droschak

As a young laborer in the early 1960s, Richard "Dickie" Foster helped build one of the nation's architectural marv

More Happy Trails - Washington

by Jeff Shelley

The following are some of the golf encounters I've had in my home state of Washington over the past 50-plus years.

More Happy Trails - Oregon

by Jeff Shelley

Here are a few encounters I've had in the Beaver State over the past 28 years.

More Happy Trails - Idaho

by Jeff Shelley

The following are some of the golf encounters I've had in the Gem State over the last 28 years.

More Happy Trails - Memories, Montana-Style

by Jeff Shelley

Writing about golf for the damn-near three decades has involved many serendipitous encounters. Here are a few from

Happy Trails - Johnny Hoetmer

by Jeff Shelley

In trying to come up with some thoughts about my imminent departure from Cybergolf, I'll be throwing out a recollect